Lt.’s needs to own nude pictures from officials was basically consensual, cops head insists

DUNWOODY, Ga. – Lieutenant Fidel Espinoza got with the Dunwoody Cops Agency as the it was authored. Their community perform stop which have a sudden resignation and you can a sensational entryway.

“Espinoza acknowledge in my opinion which he got replaced intimately specific images, video and you will statements” that have subordinate officials, Police Chief Billy Grogan penned in his interior things declaration. The statement try graphic, and can be regarded as entirely here.

The authorities master really handled the investigation “because of the big character of those allegations,” the guy authored, in the event Head Grogan are named about civil step one to launched the analysis.

Lt. Espinoza was a strong commander on the department’s front side place of work. While the sole management lieutenant, he was guilty of employing new officials, in which he encountered the power to place self-confident or negative product reviews in the officers’ records.

The authorities chief’s study concluded new sexting ring – associated with ten officials and a top supervisor inside a group they called the “F*** Boys” – is actually all of the consensual.

“Though it is obvious one Espinoza texted/snap-chatted specific messages, images, texts and you will films with several professionals and former team,” the chief typed, “there isn’t any proof that Espinoza’s carry out in this regard included people coercion, threats, otherwise claims of preferential therapy in return for involvement from the perform.”

The newest Let you know, 11Alive’s investigative cluster, have acquired texts that captain failed to use in his internal research. Those people text messages tell another tale.

What messages

Head Grogan affixed hundreds of texting in order to their interior items statement, demonstrating several men officials and you will Lt. Espinoza asking for and sharing nude pictures out-of on their own, asking for certain images each and every other’s genitalia, and you can outlining visual sex serves.

An image texted by Lt. Espinoza shows a police utilizing the urinal from the cops institution men’s room, drawn privately out-of above the second stall.

On messages the fresh company features released, this new officers was totally interested to your intimate make, and appearance becoming ready players. The main figured you to administrator try the brand new “instigator in several of those sexual texting,” plus the head decided it was not his greatest lieutenant.

The chief states Administrator Roger Halstead had started brand new sexual chats. An identical former administrator has started to become suing the principle and urban area, and whose find so you’re able to sue started the investigation.

The latest suit

Former police officer Roger Halstead prosecuted Master Grogan, the city out of Dunwoody, multiple town authorities, and today-previous Lt. Fidel Espinoza.

“I experienced to look at my straight back more away from people in my individual institution than simply criminals on the street,” Halstead informed The newest Reveal.

Halstead left the agency last year features got troubles delivering a position from the time. He states from the lawsuit you to Dunwoody and you will Lt. Espinoza features blackballed him once the he reported on the police administrators so you can Dunwoody’s recruiting agencies in advance of the guy remaining.

A text message sent out of Lt. Espinoza to Halstead is the lieutenant stating Halstead was “playing with fire” by filing an unbarred details demand having several other police service to help you score details about Dunwoody police commanders, and you will Espinoza warned your, “they are aware everyone in the condition.”

Brand new suit claims Espinoza “endangered your that have never being able to operate in the authorities again when the the guy went on to the Unlock Records Act toward almost every other demand group.”

The main argues the text exchange are advice throughout the perhaps not consuming bridges, however, it encountered the effectation of turning Halstead against his friend, Lt. Espinoza.

Halstead’s fit and refers to a twin life he states he was obligated to lead in buy to save his job. “Espinoza’s affairs just weren’t consensual that have Halstead however, thought a good quid expert quo having proceeded a position condition,” the fresh lawsuit says.

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