My kids love these mattresses and they are so comfortable that you never want to leave them

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Agility truly delivered. The mattress is excellent, and I am very satisfied with how comfortable it is. I’m a back sleeper, escort service Worcester and it has been great.

I heard about the Agility Mattress on Young House Love Has a Podcast and thought that it might be worth a try

The employees were very pushy and one told us we couldn’t look at certain sets of mattresses. We ended up purchasing one from the store based on price, but we will not be coming back.

Thanks to Agility Bed

I had the worst experience here.. they order a bedroom set without my permission and when I went in to get my money back I was told by Paula that I would have to wait for an hour to let her boss get off a conference call.. I said I just want my money. Paula told me that she has to look out for herself and her job and I would have to wait.. Paula was extremely rude and had very poor customer service..

I can’t wait to get into bed each night. I nestle down into the mattress and go to sleep quickly.

The Agility bed was a huge upgrade from our old “memory foam” mattress. Previously, I thought I preferred a firmer mattress – so at first, the Agility bed felt almost too soft. But after a few months of great rest, I am super pleased by the balance of comfort and support – it’s just right (no additional mattress topper needed). As I am almost 6mos pregnant, I can also attest that it’s great for side-sleeping.

This is my second Agility mattress purchased so now each of my twin children have one! The Agility mattress was shipped right to my house and was very easy to install. Next will be one for my older daughter. Thank you Therapedic!

We are LOVING our Agility Mattress. Previously, we had purchase a Purple Mattress hoping that it would be the answer to both my husband and I waking up achy from an older mattress that was past it’s prime. We tried it for 2 months, hoping we’d adjust, but it was just too firm. It’s so much better – still supportive but offers more give for my shoulders as a side sleeper. We are planning to replace our kids mattresses with an Agility Mattress too!

I don’t know why I waited so long to get this mattress. My husband and I have slept so well and his back doesn’t bother him anymore. Also, customer service was ah-may-zing.

Bought an allington queen size mattress for spare room thinking it would be good enough even though it only cost a little under 400. Mistake. I have 23 yrs of sleeping on military provided mattresses so I’m anything but picky. this mattress is lumpier than anything I’ve ever used. Im wishing I’d saved the 25 yr old mattress it replaced. I weigh 230 lbs so I know it’s expecting a lot to hope for perfect but at least better than sleeping on a rock pit. And yes I did give it time. 2 months.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but Agility truly delivered. The mattress is excellent, and I am very satisfied with how comfortable it is. I’m a back sleeper, and it has been great.

My son was starting to show signs of being ready to switch to a twin bed from his toddler bed. I decided to take a chance on a delivery mattress. I barely have enough time to take a shower, so the ease of ordering plus delivery sold me! The ease of assembly was even better. My son’s new bed was up in no time and he has adjusted easily!

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