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While you could potentially ever before score some body as guarded because the Constance Langdon (of year that) to take a great Myers-Briggs® identity test, what might the results end up being? Fascinating, to put it mildly. Think about the brand new Antichrist inside the Apocolypse? Probably the evilest letters inside the reveal has actually some humanity included, that is the new region value examining. Here are the Myers-Briggs® identity outcome of the brand new 10 really legendary letters for the AHS.

ten Constance Langdon: ENFJ

Jessica Lange’s basic role when you look at the Western Horror Story was regarding Constance Langdon, the fresh educated, narcissistic southern belle regarding seasons the one that we-all adored to help you dislike. Since the an ENJF, Constance often comes out-of once the warm, gracious, and you will concerned with the people around this lady. Unfortuitously, Constance’s demand for peoples’ wishes and you will objectives was one hundred% self-serving and you may an attempt to impact them with the starting almost any it is she wants. Because an ENFJ, Constance was passionate almost completely by emotion in the place of reason, and can have a tendency to impulsively act call at see your face out-of criticism otherwise rejection.

9 Lana Winters: ENTJ

Lana Winters is a great gritty, committed creator who discovers herself locked in the a psychological asylum during the the woman you will need to establish the gifts inside the AHS: Asylum. Once the an ENTJ, Lana try verbal, people-depending, idealistic, and intensely curious.

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ENTJs need to encourage improvement in the country and they are for example responsive to anybody dismissing the way they feel, which is inevitably what goes on shortly after Lana finds out herself locked in Briarcliff. Despite Lana being institutionalized and you may impregnated by Bloody Deal with, this woman is fundamentally in a position to disconnect herself of this lady prior and you can go after her very own road to profits, and that simply goes to show how calculated ENTJs are.

8 Sis Jude: ESTJ

Brother Jude is a challenging character to enter, mainly because of this lady transform from cardio over the course of AHS: Asylum. Initially, Aunt Jude is the harsh and you may educated head nun away from Briarcliff who’s single-handedly responsible for locking upwards Lana Winters under not the case pretenses. Just by her functions principles, overall performance, and you can scientific handling of this new residents within the Briarcliff, it seems that Sibling Jude is characterized while the a keen ESTJ, or “Successful Organizer.” Immediately following Sis Jude’s slide from sophistication, the lady ESTJ-inspired ability to foresee prospective problems turns into a complete-fledged paranoia, and you may Aunt Jude remains in Briarcliff (once the a resident) up until Equipment takes their home.

7 Fiona Goode: ENTJ

Regarding almost all AHS: Coven, Fiona Goode is the attractive, narcissistic Ultimate Witch of your coven of one’s Salem descendants. Like most ENTJs, Fiona are notice-convinced and power hungry right from the start.

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ENTJs find it difficult pinpointing their unique ideas, in addition to their emotional disconnect can lead these to feel inconsiderate towards the someone else. We come across Fiona’s anxiety about feelings inside her reference to the girl own child (that is poisoned with jealousy) and her concern with perishing by yourself. Including Fiona, ENTJs try proper, purpose, and you will difficult when needed.

six Bette And Mark Tattler: ENFP & ISTJ

Bette and you can Mark Tattler (brand new conjoined twins off AHS: Nut Reveal) try theoretically a few separate some body, but like their characters, these two (completely different) identity types need certainly to adhere along with her. Bette is clearly a keen ENFP, an identification form of which is characterized by its gusto for life as well as their interested and you can supporting nature. Even as we see in the newest show, Bette was daring and you may open to like and matchmaking within the a great manner in which their sibling is not. Dot, as well, was an old ISTJ: obviously protected, thinking the lady confidentiality, and you will, unfortunately for her, likes functioning alone.

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